I am so thankful for her sharing a divine gift.

Kate is a true blessing; her intuitive wisdom leaves you feeling safe, renewed, balanced and sparkly. For all those ready to expand and heal, she is a true gem and I am so thankful for her sharing a divine gift.

A. Bandet

Masterful energy healer.

My session with Kate touched me deeply. I could feel the cells of my body re-calibrate connecting me with the Greater I am. I felt very grounded and whole afterwards. Kate is a masterful energy healer and I highly recommend her.

Leanne Babcock, Author, Speaker, Coach, Intuitive

Energy Work with Kate

We live in an older home and although we love it there – it felt like something needed releasing or cleansing. Kate came to our home and it was such a powerful and comforting experience. She was very thorough and kind. My daughter hasn’t had a night terror since and we as a family feel more at ease and peaceful in our home. Thank you Kate!

Stacey Tress

I felt more grounded and at peace

I very much enjoyed Kate’s gentle demeanor and spirit. Her home and treatment room was very grounding and made me feel comfortable, safe and at home. I felt confident as to her abilities and was not disappointed. I definitely felt a shift in the energy flowing through my body and felt more grounded and at peace for a long while after.


Gifted intuitive healer

Kate Althouse is an extremely gifted intuitive healer on many levels. Kate also communicates what she recieves to you in a calm yet direct manner that makes you feel totally comfortable to go within and look inside yourself in order to take part in your own healing process.


Very healing experiences!

I have had the honour of both working with Kate and being a client. I have experienced hands on treatments in person with her and have had the pleasant experience of her distance healing work.
Kate is gifted in both arenas of healing. The distance work is extraordinary and relaxing. I was in a total state of panic when my sacroiliac joint went out in my lower back. The first person I thought of was Kate. I live in Quebec and she is in Saskatchewan.
She was able to bring me to a state of calm and continued to clear blockages and get me to a place where I could function without the panic mode. At one point she suggested to have the stone Carnelian with me. I said that I have three of them beside me already. I had already received the message from my higher self that those stones work with the spleen chakra, (where the sacroiliac is).
Also, before I had talked to Kate I had asked one of my teachers who has passed on to come and help me. Out of nowhere Kate mentioned that I needed to ask that same person to help.
There is no question that Kate is the real deal!
I have had many other experiences like this with Kate. Treat yourself to a session; you deserve this kind of special experience. 🙏🌺

Audrey Cogswell